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The key themes that surround a branded residence are the emphasis on design, high-end facilities, and architecture. In Dubai (where brands hold a great deal of importance not just in terms of fashion) this creates an impressive market for those who want to live in a 5-star lifestyle all-round the year.

Advantages of being a part of branded development include top-notch facility management, 24-hour concierge service, security, secure parking, and various services. But of course, these services, come at a premium.

Based in the Emirates of Dubai, Vincitore Real Estate Development LLC is passionately involved in the building of modern-day architectural landmarks. What truly renders us is a new and popular phenomenon in highly accented brand identity. Vincitore Palacio, one of the first branded residences and Mr. Vijay Doshi’s flagship project in Dubai land offers a wide range of amenities be it, kids or adults. From diving in temperature controlled swimming pool to kids play area we at Vincitore have it all.  Vincitore Palacio is a collection of residences set amidst an exquisite landscape, luscious elements and resort-style amenities.

As Mr. Vijay Doshi Managing Director of Vincitore says “Every inch of Vincitore projects are designed, engineer and crafted keeping quality in mind. This beautiful apartment of Vincitore Palacio was designed to enrich your lifestyle.  So, whether it be shopping till u drop, dining with your family or gazing at the surrounding come live and play in Vincitore Palacio as there is something for each one in the family.

With the launch of our third project, Vincitore Benessere, which offers residents access to well-designed spaces and top of the line amenities, and set in one of Dubai’s burgeoning neighborhoods. Masterful design and modern luxury are uniquely embodied in the apartments with a wraparound sundeck atop Sky Lofts Condominium. Every detail in Vincitore Benessere is carefully selected and quality crafted. This immaculate 6-story apartment with a private deck and patio invites comfort and modern elegance.

Luxury living

If you are looking for branded homes in Dubai be sure u keep Vincitore in your search.

Come visit and be the judge!

Vincitore Benessere

Vincitore Benessere Arjan Dubai
Vincitore Benessere

It’s said that life is a voyage that is homeward bound.

A large area located just off Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Road, Dubailand is becoming one of Dubai’s most popular area for real estate market. Besides attracting a huge number of tourists annually, Arjan is quite popular among residents and visitors owing to its affordable luxury living and freehold properties compared to other upscale areas in Dubai. With comparatively less traffic and availability of schools, sports, entertainment, and retail options Arjan community is an ideal place for family and alike and Vincitore Beneserre stands proudly a part of this community located in Arjan just opposite of Miracle Garden.

“Benessere” is an Italian word which means wellbeing in terms of health, comfort, and happiness.

Keeping wellness at the center of the conception, design, creation, and development of our homes and neighborhoods creating Apartments which are comfortable and convenient, Vincitore is developing project encompassing all elements and features in the project which will impart wellness to the people in terms of health, comfort, and happiness…


A human perceives all worldly elements through senses when they See, Smell, Touch, Hear and Taste. These senses play a vital role in the wellness of human hence these senses are the focal point of development of each and every element of “Vincitore – Benessere”.

“Vincitore – Benessere” has all required amenities in the project which will motivate people for “Physical Wellness”, Spiritual Wellness, Community Wellness, and Environmental Wellness. Be it 3000 square feet centrally located gym or contributing factor to “Physical Wellness by Multipurpose Courts for Tennis, Basket Ball, Hand Ball, and Volley Ball along with Squash Court. 500-meter long jogging track. Benessere also has 5000 square feet “Zen Garden” and many more amenities. These are just a few of the amenities out of many.

Vincitore Benessere will be designed with precision and excellence because that is the mark of truly valuable property in Dubai. This is the kind of property development in Arjan to contribute to the growth of Dubai as one of the world’s most preferred property investment destinations.

Vincitore Realty was created with a vision in real estate market in Dubai of making architecture more than just about buildings; but about creating destinations or landmarks that make people feel healthy to live in, inspired to work in and want to visit. Vincitore Benessere third project of Vincitore in Arjan community is another landmark in making.

Vincitore Benessere is a beautiful environment to live in, especially at this time of the year. It feels very different from everything else in Dubai.




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We Vincitore Real Estate Development LLC, are redefining that concept, taking branded living out of dependence on hospitality brands and delivering value through its own merit. There is much more to branded quality real estate than a fancy name given to a property.


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